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What is LASIK Surgery?

happy couple after LASIK LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileus, which is a commonly practiced procedure to help patients become less dependent on eyeglasses or contact lenses. LASIK surgery can help to correct eye conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and/or astigmatism. Eye doctors prefer LASIK to other procedures because of its quick results and short recovery time. Currently, LASIK is the most commonly practiced refractive surgery performed by ophthalmologists in America and is extremely sought-after in the Chicago area.

How Does LASIK Work?

LASIK is just one form of refractive laser eye surgery, along with PRK and LASEK. All of these procedures use a laser to reshape the cornea, the clear part in the front of your eye, to improve your vision.

When performing LASIK eye surgery, the ophthalmologist will make an incision in the cornea with a laser to create a flap so that the laser can operate in the deeper layers of the cornea. After the cornea is carefully reshaped, via the laser, the flap is placed back over the cornea and it heals within a few days.

LASIK Eye Surgery Procedure

LASIK surgery is quick and painless. It is usually competed within 20 minutes for both eyes. Patients typically report an improvement in vision without using eyeglasses or contacts within 24 hours of the procedure.

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As mentioned before, LASIK is just one form of laser eye surgery, and other procedures such as PRK and LASEK are commonly performed with similar results. Our Chicago eye doctors have years of experience in providing various forms of eye surgery, and are fully knowledgeable of the best techniques and tools to improve the vision and lives of our patients. Please make an appointment with our eye doctors, who will provide a recommendation on the best procedure for your individual eye conditions.

LASIK Eye Surgery Costs

The cost of LASIK eye surgery can be comparable to the cost of using eyeglasses or contact lenses for 10 years. Though laser eye surgery has a high up-front cost, it can save you more money in the long term. What’s not accountable is the convenience and peace of mind that LASIK provides to your life, which many will say is priceless.

We are also happy to offer financing options for LASIK eye surgery costs. During your consultation, we would be happy to help you choose the best payment and financing options for your LASIK eye surgery.

LASIK is an FDA-approved refractive procedure intended to reduce your dependency on eyeglasses or contact lenses. LASIK is the most commonly performed refractive procedure with Dr Manus Kraff because of the quick results and recovery time it provides.

LASIK Consultation

When you come to visit our Chicago LASIK surgery office, our ophthalmologists will conduct a thorough and professional observation of your eyes. After determining the condition of your eyes, our ophthalmologist can make a suggestion as to how we can properly treat your condition.

Please expect the process to take about 45 minutes to an hour. While you are here, we want to educate you about the expected outcomes and inherent risks associated with laser eye surgery. In addition to this, we would like to go over the LASIK eye surgery costs, and payment options. Finally, we would like to answer any questions you have about your general ocular health and/or LASIK eye surgery.

Your LASIK Procedure

The actual surgery only takes about 10 to 15 minutes per eye, and doesn’t require stitches or needles. We ask that patients arrive about 30 to 45 minutes before surgery so that we can prepare them and administer a mild sedative to relax them for the procedure.

During the procedure, the eye doctor will use an IntraLase laser or a microkeratome (surgical blade) to create a small flap on the surface of the eye. The eye doctor can then use the VISX S4 tracking laser to change the shape of the cornea, according to the patient’s individual condition.

After the surgery is over, patients can leave and are asked to rest for the remainder of the day, keeping their eyes closed as much as possible. The following day, patients are asked to return for a follow-up evaluation with the eye doctor. Most of our patients will see a noticeable improvement in their vision within a few hours and many are able to return to normal activities within 24 hours.
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If you suffer from impaired vision, or knowingly have conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, please contact us to learn more about LASIK laser eye surgery in Chicago.

You can fill out the form beside to schedule a complimentary consultation or call to talk with our friendly staff today.